About The Show

“A genius collage you have to see.”

(Der Opernfreund)

Out of the drawer and into the open! In her multi-genre music show LA FEMME C’EST MOI celebrated opera singer Elisabeth Kulman relishes the opportunity to break through the limits of classical music, thereby presenting the multi-layered diversity of her skills.

The best of opera and classical song, subtly combined with hits from The Beatles or Michael Jackson, performed by one of the leading singer personalities of our time.

From tender love to passion for murder – Elisabeth Kulman is no stranger to the emotional depths of the human soul. With her musical show “La femme c’est moi” she takes the audience on a fantastic rollercoaster ride, covering the entire spectrum of human emotion with her masterful intuition and distinctive sense of humour. Elisabeth Kulman lends her enticing voice to the broadest range of female icons, such as Bizet’s Carmen, Saint-Saëns’ Dalila, Mozart’s Pamina, Brecht/Weill’s Pirate Jenny, Cole Porter’s Kate whilst always remaining her unique self – from Schubert right up to the Beatles.

“In ‘La femme c’est moi’ I take the liberty to juxtapose realms that one couldn’t possibly imagine belonging together: Franz Schubert and Michael Jackson? Richard Strauss and The Beatles? Fricka, Erda and Brunnhilda in one person? Or even a female torero? Tried imagining that?” Elisabeth Kulman asks in the introduction of the programme. “Once you’ve heard the arrangements of Tscho Theissing, you won’t want to imagine them any differently! To achieve this, I gathered together the best musicians – members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, international soloists and jazz greats. Come and join us, be seduced and uplifted, then let us bring you back to earth, together let’s descend into the depths of emotional possibility and then find our balance again! We wish you a memorable evening, and would be delighted to share with you all the fun that we have on stage!”

Her spectacular decision to turn her back on the opera business is now yielding a unique opportunity to admire not only the fascinating voice of one of the leading singers and artistic personalities of our time but also to be enchanted by her dramatic expressive range, in close quarters.

Ioan Holender (former director of the Vienna State Opera):

“What an absolutely sensational evening with Elisabeth Kulman, incomparable and unique. I have nothing other than sheer admiration for her. The program contains absolutely everything, from musicals to The Beatles, to the most difficult opera arias. She is the only one to be able to do this. The orchestral arrangements by Tscho Theissing are sensational.”